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Contemporary Art Jewels have been my interest since the beginning of the 1970s. In the course of time I have become an aficionado. Recently I have reorganized my collection and decided to change its focus. Several jewels will therefore no longer fit the new direction I am taking. This means I will be selling a number of pieces for which I hope to find a suitable home with either a jewellery lover, a collector or museum. The jewels will be offered at a fixed price.

Miecke Oosterman
Miecke Oosterman met artjewel


Mecky van den Brink
Ietje de Bilde en Wim Doedel
Petra Hartman
George Nijs
Paula Oomen


Suzanne Esser
Benedikt Fischer
Petra Hartman
René Smoorenburg
Michiel Teunen


Mecky van den Brink
Butler & Wilson
Brigit Daamen
Rian de Jong
Danielle Koninkx
Birgit Laken
Carlier Makigawa


Petra Brenner
Petra Hartman
Rian de Jong
Doron Taubenfeld


Markus Felberbauer